I had a really creepy dream last night. Last night I had stomach and menstrual cramps. (BLEH) So you’d expect strange dreams. I had to do a training session for site access for a client last night. Completed that before going to bed. (30 slides, took about half an hour).

The dream was about going to the client’s visitor’s center to renew my badge. I had met all of the requirements except suddenly they needed to give me shots. I was very concerned. No one had told me about two shots.

A friend of mine who used to work at the visitor’s center was there and was trying to lead me back to the area for the shots. She was trying to be all reassuring. I don’t remember exactly who gave me one shot… I wasn’t told what it was. It was given under the jawline and half of it didn’t go it. It landed in my mouth and on my lips. My lips went numb.
I was being pushed back to get the second shot (tetnus I think) and I went lucid and woke up.

My jaw hurts this morning too. That’s why I haven’t forgotten the dream.

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