Kiesha has mostly stopped throwing up — at least she has stopped throwing up solid food. I was cleaning the office carpet this morning and noticed a lot of new puke spots of bile. Called the vet. Kiesha hasn’t been acting right, she doesn’t feel well, and she’s been throwing up for a few days.

The vet did a blood panel on Kiesha. The good news is that her organ functions all look good (so no hidden kidney issues to worry about). We can’t test her thyroid function until she has been on a stead dose of the methimazole for at least two weeks. Her electrolytes and potassium were a little low. She also had two responses that could indicate some kind of allergic reaction.

After talking with the vet, we are going to try changing only one thing and see what happens. We tried changing Kiesha’s wet food off of the Merrick and only on the EVO wet food (95% beef flavor). Over the next week, I’m to give Kiesha only this flavor of food, 5cc of Nutri-Cal (vitamin supplement), and her methimazole. She was also given some sub-cutaneous fluids.

Kiesha ate the EVO beef like it was ambrosia. She was definitely feeling better: she played and romped around the house. Something she hasn’t done in two weeks or more. It was an eye opening contrast to how she has been for the past few weeks.

We will see if she continues to like the EVO flavor for more than a few days. I’ve always swapped her food around between 2-3 brands because after a few days of one flavor, she would get tired of it and then refuse to eat.

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