Last night while I was doing the dishes, I heard skittering of something in the kitchen ceiling. The kitties were upstairs staring at the wall and walking around meowing. They were following the sound of something in the walls.

Not sure what it is. Mice seem to be a good guess since my neighbor recently had issues with mice. The HOA is working on painting and repairing siding on the houses. The painters have were repairing some of my unit’s siding except they messed up the back wall of my chimney. There are gaps in the siding which they have said will be properly fixed. Those gaps are big enough for a mouse to get in.

So the kitties now have the full run of the house. BrieBrie was brave and came downstairs with me. She is wandering around now, playing with a fake rabbit fur mouse (one of Kiesha’s old toys). She seems to enjoy having the extra space. She’s much braver than Phaedra is. My other little kitty will eventually come down here.

I am hoping that the smell of predators will cause the mice to go away. If the kitties don’t catch the mice, then I’ll have to call an exterminator. Can’t have mice in the walls.

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