My sister will be here on Sunday evening with her husband and three children. While I’m looking forward to seeing them, I’m also slightly panicked about getting the house ready. I’ve been slowly finishing projects and getting things put into place. I’ve had one week and still I’m not done…

Dishes are done. Kitchen is (mostly) clean. Bedroom is clean. Sun room is almost done, just have to hang one more shade. The sunroom back door was fixed last night (took several hours to get the deadbolt working properly). My office looks like a small explosion hit. So does my closet. That will be sorted pretty quickly.

The hard part is cleaning out the closet in the second bedroom so I can get to the cot and other things the kids will need.

Arg. Friends have asked me to go out tomorrow evening for my birthday. Another friend volunteered (WAS DRAFTED!) to help me Saturday morning and afternoon. Hopefully we’ll finish the painting and yard stuff.

And of course everything else is due this week too… Just a little bit of panic setting in.

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