December 3, 2007

Sick. Sigh.

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Never seems to fail. I come back from a trip and I get sick. On the flight back last weekend, the kid sitting in the row behind me coughed up a storm. I started losing my voice and getting a sore throat on Thursday last week. The coughing got worse over the weekend. I was feverish most of Sunday and part of today. Stayed home from work. Didn’t want to share the love.

Being sick has put a major cramp in my other plans — like going to dance class. I missed class tonight and on Thursday. Sigh. I also missed my riding lesson on Sunday.

I’ll be glad when this cold is gone.

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  • Ugh – sorry to hear that, m’dear. I was very tickled to get your text message. Though I later learned that work gets charged even if I just receive them (oops). So I guess don’t text me anymore. : (

    Anyway, get better soon!

  • Ack. Sorry about sending it then. I thought a quick note to people who knew I was leaving would be a good thing. Hopefully it wasn’t too much!

    Feeling a little better, but still hacking up a lung. I’m okay for an hour or so and then I start coughing and can’t stop. Definitely nasty. I’m staying out of work for a few days until this clears up. I don’t want to share the love.

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