It rained a lot on Thursday and all day Friday. Inches of rain and some ice. West of me, like out of the barn, there were trees down and power outages. It poured and poured.

Thursday night I could barely sleep because I kept hearing the rain and thinking it was Kiesha purring. The water rushing through the gutters sounded like Kiesha when she was about to hack a hairball. That noise instantly wakes me up. I kept thinking I heard something hitting the ceiling in the attic.

I didn’t look up at the bedroom ceiling on Friday morning. It was dark from the rainclouds outside when I woke up. Saturday morning though, I sat and stared at the ceiling and saw the water stains. Said a nice spring of explicatives.

Water damage spot above bed

Water damage spot above bed

Water damage spot to right of bed

Water damage spot to right of bed

Water damage spot to left of bed

Water damage spot to left of bed

Roof and exterior repairs are supposed to be handled by the home owner’s association. Interior damage should be handled by my home owner’s insurance. This is my first test of the HOA, and honestly I’m impressed with their response. Leaving a message on the emergency line actually resulted in a returned call within a few hours. The nice lady said someone from a roofing company should call me back in the afternoon.

My insurance agent also called me back. We are going to coordinate repairs.

The roofing guy was supposed to call me today, which he didn’t. If I don’t hear from him tomorrow then the HOA will get a call.

Kinda annoying that he didn’t call because I stayed close to home all day. Of course, with the power out at the barn and trees blocking the road out there I couldn’t go to the barn any way.

It was gorgeous today and in the 60s. I ended up going for a 4 mile walk (and realized just how much out of shape I’ve gotten since the car accident).

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