My real estate agent called me at work today with an update on what the indiviuals who had looked at the house thought of it. So… No real good news, unfortunately.

Three people thought the house was too expensive (even though the price has been lowered by $10k from the original price). One couple really loved the house. It sounded like they might have made an offer, except that the mortgage they were getting wouldn’t let them purchase inside the Knoxville city limits. My house is *one block* inside the city limits.

There was one promising note: One guy who thought the house was priced too high said that he would only consider it if the price was lower. My agent is going to call him back and see what price he would offer…

Some of the agents thought the house only showed “fair,” which means maybe not in good enough shape? I’m not sure. It’s very abstract. However, prior to my trip down to Tennessee last weekend, the floors were covered with dirt tracked in by people viewing the house and the bushes in the yard were overgrown. I spent a lot of time fixing up the front yard this trip. Next trip will probably focus on the back yard.

My neighbor had mentioned that the time to sell a house had changed from three months to nine months. My real estate agent confirmed this when we spoke. At least I’m six months into the process…?

Back to the waiting game…

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