Yesterday I got a call from someone in Tennessee with a 423 area code. My cell phone has a 423 area code (long, convoluted story) and I sometimes get random calls from people with really thick accents. That’s okay. It happens. I politely told the person that she had the wrong number.

This morning I got two text messages from the same number of the person who called me yesterday. Two threatening, poorly written text messages. I politely wrote back (with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation). The text messages follow. Fair warning: the messages aren’t polite. (I’ve bleeped-out some of the cuss words so Google doesn’t start associating search results for those words with my site.)

423-xxx-xxxx: Im whoopin your f*ckin *ss u ugly fat b*tch he told you to stop textin him and to loose his number your *ss is mine*!JeReMy&KeLsEy!*

423-xxx-xxxx: Nd stop runnin to jeremy wen i say sumthin to u lol he aint gonna save u he cant wait to watch me beat ur *ss lmfao stupid fat b*tch*!JeReMy&KeLsEy!*

My reply: You have the wrong number. I have no idea who you are and I don’t know anyone named Jeremy.

I haven’t heard anything back from my text message. I could be so snarky with what was written with such obvious class and attention to detail. I don’t think I could say anything better than what was written above.

I think that wins for most random text messages I’ve ever received.

P.S. Don’t harass writers. We’ll blog about it.

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