Not specifically rain rot, it’s more like the creeping fungus infection that the horses get on their feet when it’s been rainy and muddy. Rajiyyah has it pretty bad on her legs. I picked up her feet to clean then out and the underside of her back leg fetlocks felt crusty. It felt at first like she had a cut back there but it wasn’t a cut. She had nasty scabs that were partially covered in mud from the wet conditions we’ve had and partially crusted with the nasty scabs scratches causes. Her poor fetlocks were swollen from this stuff so much that her tendons didn’t have any definition above her ankles. Poor little girl.

We’re into the first week of treating and it’s looking better. I trimmed the longer hair from her fetlocks and have been washing the area in betadine shampoo, drying it, and then putting chlorhexidine salve on it. It seems like it is so slow to go away.

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