I’ve been doing more running and enjoying a fitness game called “Zombies, run!” It’s been the only thing that has had me out running and walking just to listen to story lines. Lots of fun. Great motivation.

I’ve always been a sprinter when I did run. The longest I could run when I was on track was a half mile. On a really really good marathon day I could run one mile. If I tried to slow down to run at other people’s speeds, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Using Zombies I have seen continual improvement in the total distance and speed. I thought I had been careful in how often I run and how long. (I learned the other day because I was out in the sun too long and ended up with a rash on my arms from sun exposure.) I tend to go out every other day for a run/walk. (I run as long as long as I can and then walk until I catch my breath and then run again. Repeat.)

I have been trying to slow my pace a little to be able to increase the distance I can run before walking. To do that, I activate the zombie chases, where you have to increase your running speed by about 20% or else the zombies will catch you! It really makes me slow my pace down because I need reserve energy to pick up my pace if the zombies chase me. I don’t know if was the change in my gait to slow down or what.

This past Tuesday, I was doing my second lap around the trail through the woods and felt a pop in my right calf and was immediately lame. Major owie.

I stayed off of it for the rest of the week and even stayed away from the barn (so glad it was raining all week). Felt a little less guilty about not being at the barn. Saturday I was at the barn. I walked out to the field with one of the other ladies at the barn who was bringing in Skippa to ride. Diva, a big black Morgan mare, pushed through me and barged her way into the paddock. I trotted after her to close the gate and was immediately gimpy. Reinjured my leg. Sigh.

The doctor today said that I have a muscle strain on my right calf muscle. She wants me to stay off of it as much as possible for the next two weeks. No running or going for walks (obviously) but she also said no riding until the physical therapist can look at my leg next week.

One week. Arg!

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