Rich Hailey, a fellow East Tennessean who recently lost his job, has turned the opportunity to his advantage by starting a micro-publishing company called PHD Publishers, LLC.

PHD Publishers has a two-fold mission: provide an independent press, specializing in genre fiction, and releasing 12-20 new titles per year; and provide a full-service solution for authors wishing to self-publish.

In Rich’s blog post, he notes:

I’ll be marketing these PHD Press releases directly to independent bookstores, as well as to the big chains through a distributer. The books will also be available through Amazon, and/or the PHD Publisher website, currently under construction. The titles will also be available as e-books, if the authors wish. Additionally, PHD Press will provide low cost, quality editions of classic books in the public domain, like Huckleberry Finn, A Christmas Carol, or Around the World in 80 Days. These PHD Classics will be available through the web or mail order.

Best of luck, Rich!

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