Or as close to it as she gets. She’s now coming out to meet me or at least watch me whenever I enter the bathroom. She isn’t hiding behind the toilet any more. She purrs and plays regularly. She even comes up to me now and follows me around when I bring in her food. Her confidence has improved a lot over the past few weeks.

All with this very high pitched kittenish squeak of a meow. So very cute.

BrieBrie meanwhile has thoroughly settled in. She curls up next to me on the bed and (usually) lets me sleep all night. The nights when she plays too hard I end up sleeping down stairs. She rips around the room, jumps up on the bed, jumps over me (usually, some times she launches herself off of my legs), and then rips around the bed again to repeat the process. She is just so cute it’s impossible to be angry with her at all.

I haven’t introduced the two of them yet. I am taking things very slow and easy. I want Phaedra to build up more confidence so instead of running from BrieBrie she’ll be able to sniff noses. Hopefully, at least. BrieBrie is twice Phaedra’s size and a little territorial.

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