I was way too busy this weekend. Saturday started early with dance practise at 9:00 (arg, not a morning person!). That lasted about 1.5 hours. I went to the barn and worked with Isis for another hour and half. From there, I went home, fed my neighbor’s kitties, and then helped with a community dinner in the kitchen (read on my feed for another six hours). I was exhausted Saturday evening. My knees were hurting by the time I got home.

Sunday morning I cancelled my riding lesson. I couldn’t face the idea of riding when my knees were so sore. So what do I do? I mowed, of course, that evening.

So now it’s Monday and my knees are really killing me. Two ibuprofen haven’t helped. I’ve had to go home early and just try to put my legs up. I’ve configured my laptop so I can work from home. This is bad. My knees haven’t hurt like this in months.

Definitely not going to dance class tonight, as much as I really want to…

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