A friend from my Wednesday WFRP gaming group visited today to review some of the material for the next gaming session. Parking at the complex was tight: no visitor spaces available close by. (Three of the six visitor spaces had residents in them again.) I gave my friend the visitor pass for the car. We came back up to the apartment, got the gaming stuff, and both started getting twitchy. We ended up sitting by the car. We just couldn’t settle down after what happened last Wednesday after gaming.

This is just wrong. My writers’ group and one gaming group meet at my place. I’m centrally located and the groups are small. Parking hasn’t been an issue before, but now it’s going to be a major issue. My friends and I shouldn’t feel paranoid about the cars getting towed.

Just after my friend left, I saw the yellow lights of the tow truck enter the parking lot in front of my building. The tow truck stopped near where my friend had parked and took pictures of a car who didn’t have a resident or visitor pass visible. It made me glad that we had sat in front of the car.

Sigh. I’m so moving next year.

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