I’ve been going to the spine orthopedic specialist regularly since my tailbone started hurting in April. He did a series of injections on either side of my tailbone. Initially, the injections seemed to help a lot, but the past several ones didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference. (My chiropractor making sure the tailbone was in alignment often helped more than the injections did.)

During the visit today, the doctor used acupuncture. First time I’ve ever had this done. I don’t like needles at all and yet, to try and resolve the tailbone issue, I’ve have regular injections and now acupuncture. The needles were on either side of my tailbone and then on several locations down the back of my legs. The needles were electrically stimulated for 20 minutes.

I was very surprised. The acupuncture really seems to have helped. Enough that I’m considering riding again, even lightly.

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Kim (Ceffyl)

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