I got a new digital camera: Fujifilm S9100. It’s a 9 MP, 10.7x optical zoom wanna-be DSLR. My old camera, Sony Cybershot F707, is still a good camera, but it couldn’t take action shots, like pictures of the horses running, without a lot of work. I also ran into trouble when I wanted to zoom in. The 5x optical just wasn’t enough.

The Fujifilm has a nice lens with a 28-300mm telephoto lens. I’ve been quite happy with it. It also has impressive low light and macro capabilities. I’m really looking forward to testing it more. Of course, hauling this thing around is a trick. It doesn’t quite fit in my purse.

This Saturday I’m going to take pictures of the horses to see how the camera performs. I’lll post some of the images here.

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