The house has a showing scheduled for today and another for tomorrow. Maybe, maybe someone will like it…

I get nervous about not being in town. Last time I checked on the house, the hall way had leaves and dirt that had been tracked in by viewers. People who had viewed the house at the time said that it didn’t show well (scores of 2-3 out of 5). After I was in Tennessee last time and cleaned up the yard and the house, the overall score increased to 3-4.

It’s been warmer now and I know the pond is a been green slimy mess. It needs to be drained, cleaned, and then refilled. (Not something I’ve done before.) I know how turned off I was by the pond when it was pea soup. I can only imagine what impression people looking at the house think when they see the pond. I don’t think algal blooms count as floral decoration.

With the ever-increasing cost of gas, it becomes more cost prohibitive to make the drive to Tennessee. In January, I could spend about $125 for the entire trip. Now that figure is closer to $200 for three tanks of gas and a little food.

The pond is pretty, but it was the one thing that almost made me not want to buy the house. Other people consider it a major selling point. Funny how viewpoints change.

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