It’s been a very long, muddy winter. And fall, and most of the previous summer too. I had a curious confluence of events that kept me feeling slightly overwhelmed. You know, that feeling where you are juggling everything but can not add one more ball to the mix without dropping everything.

So I didn’t blog.

I have a lot of things to write about, including Kasane, Breezy, kitties, old job, new job, more orchestra, and all of that fun stuff. There were some harrowing things: Breezy had a choke episode, Kasane had a hock infection and had to be hospitalized, and then Kasane had very gradual rehab for her hocks. Those are the big ones.

But mostly I finally feel like I have some breathing space.

Or I did until two weeks ago when, the day after Kasane was cleared to go back into lessons and resume full work, she came down with enteritis (lingering digestive upset) that had us watching her for a week. Three vet visits later, she was cleared to go back into work. That’s when the rain started and didn’t let up for a week. So now it’s all back to work slowly again and it will be another 2-3 weeks before I can resume lessons.

With all of this wet weather and constant mud since November, Breezy had an abscess in her front left foot. Not bad, but it’s meant that she has not been worked for like a month.

And I’m going a little stir crazy because I can’t ride.

But new job is good at least. Less stress in some ways than previous job but more intensity to what I have to deliver. Smaller company, smaller team so I feel like I can make more of a difference here. That’s a good thing.

Boy am I condensing about 20 posts that I need to do.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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