My 32-year old refrigerator is dying a sad death. The freezer’s frost is creeping into the refrigerator compartment. There is a six inch frost ledge. A bottle of juice at the back of the top shelf has most of it’s cap covered by frost. I couldn’t easily move it. This frost is also melting and dripping water.


I spent the better part of the weekend online reading reviews and going to the regular stores (Sears, HH Gregg, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot) to see what was on sale. I found a GE Artistry refrigerator at Home Depot that was in the display / open box area. It was only 10% off, so I asked the manager if maybe a little more could be taken off… and well, turned out it could. BUT. I’d have to pick up and install the unit *and* get rid of my current unit. (New units include delivery, installation, and haul away of the old unit.)

The manager was very nice and said he could give me 10% off of a new model for “customer satisfaction”. Turns out that there was also a special deal on that model so the total deal was 20% off.

I was shocked at how large and how expensive most of the refrigerators in the store are. My current refrigerator is 29 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 65 inches tall.

I had to wander back to behind all of the expensive display units and try to find something that would fit. Half of the units that I was interested in were unmarked, didn’t have prices, or sizes on them. Sales people at Lowes were unhelpful. Home Depot people were great. HH Gregg people were helpful but … pushy. Sears couldn’t find any one to help.

My current refrigerator is a Whirlpool, and it’s had a good life span. My parents had a side-by-side and a French door model. Didn’t care for either of those. Couldn’t fit pizza boxes into the freezer side. (Funny what is important to college students.) I haven’t had a bottom freezer unit before. This will be an adventure.

I really liked the way the GE Artistry looks, and the discount managed to bring it down closer to the price range of the other units I was looking at (okay, still $100 more but better).

Any way, it arrives on Wednesday.

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