No, not the red stuff. That’s spelled differently. (Don’t ask the English major to spell. Most of us can’t.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I spent a wonderful day at a natural horsemanship clinic with Isis at her new barn (more on that later). Five hours with the Bay Wonder Mare Senior™. She was amazing. She did all of the ground work “textbook perfect,” as the instructor called it. I was most pleased.

The drywall guys finally fixed the storage closet. They did the absolute worst job I have ever seen. I could do better, and that’s saying something. The leak in the kitchen sprinkler doesn’t look like it was fixed. Instead the hole was patched with drywall putty. Pisses me off because if that thing leaks during the next cold spell, it will spray all of my computer equipment. The sprinkler was already leaking water on the floor. The ceiling is brown, even where the new patch was placed. (I really hate when things are not done properly or — even worse — half assed.)

I’m currently cleaning like mad. Stephanie will be here in a few hours and I have horse stuff strewn all over the place. Because I moved Isis’ barn this weekend, I have been sorting through her horse equipment in the apartment all week. It has looked like a small bomb went off. It doesn’t any more, but it takes a while to sort things. You never realize how much horse stuff you have until you have to move it — three car loads for one horse! She has more clothes than I do. She seems to have settled into her new stable pretty well. I’ll see how she is tomorrow.

I didn’t play with Kasane today. I was too tired after riding for two hours. With another riding lesson tomorrow, I’m going to be beat Monday evening.

Work has been crazy for the past two weeks. I was given a new web site to create based upon a template supplied by the designer. The challenge is that this new site has to work with in the framework of an existing complicated site that relies heavily on DreamWeaver templates and PHP to process pages and languages. This project has kept me late at work most nights. When I’ve gotten home, I’ve killed things on Guild Wars and then gone to bed. I haven’t had much energy for posting here. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal this coming week as the new site is ready to go live.

Today I have felt really blessed. I have an incredible horse and amazing horsey friends with whom I can spend time. Yeah, life’s good.

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