When I drive to work, I normally charge my cell phone using the cigarette lighter port. I was going to swap the charger for the Ming with the Verizon phone (especially when I realized the Verizon phone’s battery is low). The Ming’s charger wouldn’t come out. I had to wait until I was parked at work to try and pull it out. It was stuck — so I carefully pulled harder. The silly thing ripped in half! The metal end of the cell phone charger is now lodged in the cigarette lighter socket.

I can’t move the car because that would mean that the metal pieces could have live current — and a potential hazard. Nothing like having potentially live electricity right next to your leg, right? I guess it’s a good thing the car’s console is plastic… except that item could potentially reek havoc with the car’s electrical system if it was touching anything…

One of the guys here said he would help me later this afternoon. Yikes.

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Ceffyl Aedui · August 13, 2007 at 12:00

My coworker had a pair of pliers and was able to get the rest of the cell phone charger out. Phew. Problem resolved.

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