February 17-26 I was sick with the same illness I had in December. Yet again. Not fun. This time I saw my doctor (instead of the nurse practitioner). She said I had an upper respiratory viral infection along with bronchitis and a secondary sinus infection. She basically ordered me to bed until the following Monday.

I hate being stuck at home and not being able to get anything done. It feels like time wasted, you know? I ended up sleeping most of the time and realizing just how many things around the house needed to be done… and resisted doing them.

The doctor put me on Zithromax, a powerful antibiotic. That stuff really messed with my system. I had the runs the entire time I was on it. Here it is, two weeks later, and I’m still having issues from having been on the stuff. It did kick the sinus infection out of my system. I’m not sure what’s worse: the treatment or the illness. I’d almost rather have the sinus infection right now.

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