Here is the feedback my real estate agent just gave me for the people who viewed the house:

The people who saw the house last night didn’t understand the floor plan. (Yeah she was kinda scratching her head over that one too.)

The people who saw the house on the 5th said that every room needs finishing touches and is lacking completion. They also thought the price was too high.

The people who saw it on the fourth want to be further out insead of that close in to the city.

The people who saw the house over the weekend could not get financing. They are considering making an offer on another house.

My real estate agent also reiterated the request for putting a chandelier in the office to make it look more like a dining room. She also suggested making sure there was some shelving or a closet-type unit in the 2nd bedroom closet. She did offer to meet an electrician at the house to install a chandelier.

I guess it’s not bad. No one has made any comments on the second bedroom after all of the work my sister, my friends, and I did. Sigh. Feeling a little frustrated over everything.

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