I’ve been updating the fixtures in the house from brass and fake-looking gold plastic to oil rubbed bronze. I’ve changed out all of the door knobs and removed the towel rods from the walls, especially in the downstairs bathroom. I also replaced the light fixture to match the ones in the upstairs bathroom.

I added a hand towel holder in the downstairs bathroom and patched the walls where the 30 inch towel rod had been. Unfortunately, I couldn’t match the almond color wall paint. I tried several times and ended up with darker paint even though the color swatches matched the walls. No extra paint came with the house so I ended up finding a secondary color to paint the walls in the downstairs bathroom.

I found a tan cream brown color (called Innocent Fawn). I painted the left and right walls where I had patched the walls and left the walls behind the toilet and the sink the original almond. I am still getting used to it, but for the most part I’m pleased with it. I taped the room carefully. If any paint bled onto the almond and I couldn’t remove it, I’d have to paint the other walls. (Luckily blue painters tape worked great. Mostly straight lines.)

Next month I’ll replace the sink and the faucet which both leak. That will require a plumber to hook everything up.

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