Yes, you guessed it. I’m a Who fan. Fan conventions with actors who have played the Doctor’s previous incarnations? You bet. Even have autographed posters. Yup, even started knitting the scarf. Doctor Who is an acquired taste. You have to like quirky, campy British humour to appreciate Doctor Who.

The second season is finally airing in the US on the Sci Fi channel. The Christmas Invasion and the first episode of the second season were shown last Friday. Finally! It is really nice to watch the show on a larger screen instead of squinting at YouTube 320×240 images.

The DVDs of the second season are released in January. It’s a little upsetting that the SciFi channel is botching some of the episodes to remove some swearing and other things. It’s annoying because they aren’t doing a good job of it. I’m going to have to get a region-free DVD player just to order the UK-version of the Doctor Who DVDs.

Oh, and did I mention that David Tennant (the Doctor in Season 2) is filming Season 3?

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