My front yard looks like a playground for a giant prairie dog.

For the past two days the plumbers have been digging up the sewer lines to replace them. The old line turned out to be PVC, but a very thin type that can’t stand up to the requirements of a sewer line buried up to 12 feet deep. My sewer line is 115 feet long. Yup, you heard me correctly. No, I don’t have a large house, just a sewer line that connects at the back of the house instead of at the front. Apparently, this house used to have a septic system before being hooked up to the city sewer lines (installed in the early 1970s).

My two big dogwoods are gone. I’m rather sad about that and at the same time it’s something I would have had to do eventually. The dogwoods were both planted overtop of the sewer line. Dogwoods have shallow, fine roots — which can get into any breaks in the sewer line pipes. Add a drought and the roots were going crazy in the lines. There were several blockages in my line including a large one in the city’s pipe. The city had to actually replace the connection from my sewer line to their pipes because the roots had made passage of even high pressure water impossible.

So for now it’s dirt kingdom. Maybe I’ll be able to use the toilet in a few days. This camping toilet is getting really old.

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