Last night, at a sparkly 4:00 AM in the morning, my toilet decided it wasn’t going to flush. The water backed up from under the rim and the base of the toilet. Mopped all of that up and was too frazzled to go to bed. Figured I would write a blog post about it. SQL database gets corrupted. Definitely not a good day.

The relatively good news about all of this is that the toilet is now fixed thanks to the nice people at R and D Plumbing. They were very reasonable. It was clog in the pipe. They used a 14 foot plumbing snake to correct the problem.

SQL database error is now corrected. My host restored all of my files to the day before I did the WordPress update on June 12. Everything is now going smoothly again… except for four wasted hours doing an update to all of the plugins in WordPress from Tuesday.

I’m just glad that things are working here (knocking on wood).

Heading in to work now… What a day.

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