I’ve been healing very well from the accident. The physical therapist and my regular doctor have been positive and upbeat about how quickly I’ve been recovering. I have been doing regular exercises and trying to not work too much on the computer. The strain from looking down exacerbates the neck sprain.

The good news is that I’ve been cleared to start riding again. Simple stuff, like walking on a trail, but it’s a start.  The bad news is that the lowest part of my spine is sore when I sit in the wrong spot. I’m concerned that sitting in the saddle will not be comfortable.

The good news is that I’ll get to find out soon! Kasane has been very patient with me. We’ve just been doing ground work and she seems to enjoy the change. I know she’s getting bored through. Invest in recovery now instead of doing too much now and relapsing when I’m so close to being fully recovered.

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