Before you give thanks on Thanksgiving, you first shop for food and clean. The cleaning part is what always gets me. I’m not messy, but I tend to leave things incompletely unpacked for as long as possible. You get to where things you need are out but the rest of it isn’t put away. The boxes were out of the way, and that’s about it.

I started cleaning at some crazy time of morning and continued almost up until my parents arrived mid evening. Crazy amounts of cleaning. Unpacked like 15 boxes, moved furniture with the help of a friend, got things sorted and put away (even threw away a bunch of stuff).

In between cleaning, I had a running Twitter conversation with two friends who were also in the middle of Thanksgiving celebrations. That was fun. 🙂 Made cleaning much more enjoyable.

My apartment was clean to begin with. I’m not a messy person, honestly. Now the place is organized and things are put away (or at least out of the way). I can finally finish the last unpacking bits. It’s only taken me since May.

In between the nutty unpacking, I asked for and was given a recipe for apple crisp from a writer on Twitter. (Thank you @dancinghorse!) Five apples peeled and the rest saved for the barn. Nom. Good stuff. I’ll write up the recipe a little later.

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