This past Tuesday was my birthday. I had a ball: dinner with my friend and an evening playing Dragon Age. My friends and I went to a nice (if somewhat pricy) restaurant at the local mall. I even managed to find something that was (theoretically) within my point allotment for the day. (Points = Weight Watchers)

Overall the week went very well. Spent lots of time doing photography stuff. I bought a used Pentax 28mm lens for $30 off of Craigslist and an external flash for $20. I rented a Pentax 50mm F1.7 lens from the local camera shop so I could compare that lens with my Kalimar 50mm f1.7 and Pentax 50mm f2. (More on that comparison in another post.)

It was a strange set of days this past week. Beautiful weather for most of the week. I did something to my back so it was sore (like a pinched nerve above my left hip) so I didn’t go out to the barn. Last winter/spring, I did something to my back, kept doing stuff at the barn even though the activity aggravated things, and ended up being out of commission for about two months. Because of that experience, I took things easy this week. I hated staying home with all of the pretty weather.

The kitties have been happy to have me home in the evenings. Very cuddly and clingy.

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