An Internet friend of mine out in Utah has a scary knack of getting into the same activities I do. We were chatting on Friday evening and she mentioned that she was interested in belly dance. Just so happens a local friend of mine has been teaching belly dance for a year or more.

We both decided that we want to take classes as an impetus to help us get in shape (and have fun doing it). We both have crunchy knees to aerobic exercise or gyms are pretty much out. No step aerobic or anything like that. There is a bely dance instructor close to where my Internet friend lives. Funny thing is that both of the instructors teach on Thursday evenings.

We spent most of the evening looking for costumes, discussing belly dance DVDs and music (for three hours). We were looking at costumes on eBay. It was funny. I would find a pretty one and she would send me a link — it usually turned out to be a page I was currently viewing. GMTA. 😉

We have both signed up. It should be a lot of fun.

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