Wow. So it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve managed to land (mostly) on my feet. I went from being unemployed to being over-employed, but in a good way.

My old freelance contacts paid off in the best possible way: I was given enough work to get me through until I located a (hopefully) contract to hire position at an excellent company. I’m currently working about 50 hours per week, but I really like the job and the freelancing.

I am incredibly thankful to have had people take a chance on hiring me as an editor and letting me work remotely. It has been an awesome experience.

A few weeks ago, Isis colicked again. Mild, this time. Mostly from dehydration caused by the change in weather. We caught her early and she pulled through fine. (Here, Ms Vet, why don’t I just give your clinic a direct line to my bank account? Sheesh. This summer I put their kids through college with all of the vet bills I had.)

Chiropractor also came out and adjusted Isis — and mentioned that I need to have her saddles fitted because one of them isn’t fitting properly along her back.

So… adjusted horse is doing better. I have a new saddle (when I really wanted to get a new cell phone) and we’re finally back to riding.

Poor Kasane has been rather neglected because I’ve had to focus so much on Isis this summer. However, she will be getting back to pre-saddle work this week. With all of my time off for Thanksgiving I plan on spending a lot of time at the barn.

The cats all seem to be doing well. Ambush looks great. The nasty gunk on his fur has gone and his coat is soft to touch once more. Only thing is that I’m going through about 20 pounds of kitty litter per week because he pees so much.

Stella is playing a lot. I haven’t been as good as I should be about her fluids because of starting the new job.

Kiesha has her behavioral issues still. I can really tell when the Feliway runs out…

I’ve been reading more: poetry journals of all things. It’s interesting how reading poetry impacts how I write. I’m more aware of word choice (work as an editor this summer made me extra aware of grammar, word usage, and phrasing).

That’s the long and short of things for right now. I have more pictures to post of the saddle and how it fits. Pictures of Kasane with a saddle on for the first time. Pictures of the cats running around and playing.

Maybe, just maybe, I can relax enough so I am not so focused on the world possibly collapsing because of economic uncertainties.

If this job goes permanent after six months, I’ll be a very happy camper. I’m documenting IT with a bunch of hard core geeks. I got the job because I knew Mac OS X was based in Free BSD. 🙂 These are MY People! 🙂 (It doesn’t hurt that after the interview I was asked if I preferred a Mac, PC, or both? Yes!)

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