Some good news at last. I looked at two different apartment complexes, both about 5-7 miles from the office. The first place had a reasonable townhouse (1200 sq. ft.) for about $70 more per month than I was comfortable paying. However, it was available immediately and they allowed more than three pets. I put down a deposit but told them to hold my check until the next day.

I frantically searched through information on apartment complexes near work and finally found one that also allowed more than two cats. Nice looking place. Smaller one bedroom (~873 sq. ft.) with a balcony. I drove out after work and looked at their facilities. The feeling I got off of the apartment and the grounds was much more positive than the first place. SO… I took the plunge and told them I wanted to reserve a unit.

Next day, a friend from work went with me and I filled out the paperwork. Move-in date is April 23! Woohoo!

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