I love my house. Most of the time. Except for some of the creative home improvement I’ve had to correct. Lots of things to learn to love, and to hate.

Like bugs. When I moved in, I found cockroaches, ants, box elder bugs, silverfish, and a slew of other creepies. The house had more insects than the local woods. For the first time, I hired a pest control company to come out and deal with the ants. The company has done a reasonable job with keeping the pests out.

I’ve discovered that this section of town is notorious for ant problems. After I had bought the house, I asked the prior owner if he had had trouble with ants. His face paled and his voice dropped an octave, “Oh yes.” I knew I was in for trouble then…

So today the ants have discovered the kitchen. I found ants crawling on the refrigerator. I’m a neat person. I do my dishes, keep the garbage taken out regularly, and put food away. Nothing is left out. There were ants crawling along the door of the refrigerator. And in the refrigerator. (shudder)

This was the night for a late night cleaning spree. Any where I saw the ants crawling on the floor has been sprayed down with cleaning solution and vinegar. A friend of mine suggested sprinkling diotomateous earth outside the perimeter of the house to deter ants. I’ll be doing that tomorrow and asking the pest people to come back out again… They just sprayed for ants a little while ago–after I found ants in my bed.

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