Prize and Kasane are both el blimpos because of the grass (even with grazing muzzles on both of them). They are currently dry lotted during the day. What they really need is a good dose of consistent exercise. Unfortunately with my ankle still being sprained I can’t do as much as I would like. I reinjured it over the weekend (and then gracefully tripped over a box yesterday) so my doc has me off of it until Friday. Sigh. I had been riding bareback and lunging Kasane. She got a windpuff last Wednesday so she was off for a few days. The good news on the windpuff is that the guy at the barn said that the swelling was completely gone over the weekend. Yay!

It feels like I get one step ahead and then fall two behind. Either I’m gimpy or Kasane is. We’re so close to being able to go to some Training level shows. Her canter is this wonderful relaxed rocking chair gait with reach. You can sit her trot bareback even when she’s extending out (it’s a trick because she has bounce). She’s an amazing little mare.

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