A few months back, I installed Google Analytics on this site to see what it does. It was a work-related experiment to investigate exactly what information Google Analytics tracks.

I’ve wondered how people find their way to this site. Keyword searches are good indicators of what search terms bring up hits.

Here are the top 10 (with links to the page the search result points to):

  1. norweigian forest cat
  2. cuneiform translator
  3. linux chicks
  4. trooper saddle
  5. macjournal wordpress
  6. hillsborough horsemasters nc
  7. roman cavalry
  8. trooper saddles
  9. ceffyl
  10. directional dyslexia

Other keywords include feast of Epona, apacolypse ponies, Senior Don Gato, save Blood Ties, and others.

I was pleased to see two search results for “Open Office page styles.” I wrote a procedure on how to use page styles to create unique page headers. Maybe someone found the instructions useful.

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