I’m starting to learn Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, third edition, published by Fantasy Flight. Warhammer has been around for quite a while, both the roleplaying game (RPG) and the miniatures game. I have been interested in the RPG, but never had the opportunity to play a Warhammer game. So… what do you do when you want to play something and none of the local gaming stores offer sessions in the RPG of your choice? You buy all of the books and then con (“invite”) your friends to share the painful process of learning a new system together.

There are two options for buying Warhammer. You can either buy the huge boxed core set or you can use the Players and Game Masters Guides. The core set includes basic rule books, plus all of the nifty pieces, dice, and cards you can (optionally) use to play the games. The two hardback guides include the rule book contents from the core set and several of the expansion sets. However, none of the cards, dice, and nifty pieces are included.

There are lots of videos and web sites for learning about WFRPG.

Learning about the game

Resources for players

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