I keep a NetBook by my bed for those times when I wake up and have a story or article idea. Or, like now, I want to write a blog post before going to sleep.

During the day, I use Macs at work and at home. This Windows XP netbook is the only Windows box in my house (not including the VM on my iMac).

I had blissfully forgotten how annoying XP is to use when you first start up a system. Okay, it’s been two weeks since I used the Aspire One. Every stupid piece of software has to install updates: Windows Update had patches, Acrobat had an update, the virus definitions had to be updated, Flash had an update, the browser had an update. Every stupid application I wanted to run had an update. Unfortunately I hadn’t configured the applications to notify me of an update and instead they are all auto updating. (Acrobat can go take a flying leap off of a cliff. I’m not restarting my machine.)

So 15 minutes later I am able to finally start the one browser that wasn’t auto updating.

I just wanted to write a blog post. It should have only taken me five minutes to write a post about whatever it was I was going to write about. Instead I’m treated to a flashback of why I hate Windows XP.

XP is useless on a NetBook (and it was pretty annoying on a desktop). There is a reason why this netbook wasn’t used very much. The OS makes it so frustrating to try and get anything done.

The next blog post I write will probably be about putting a different operating system on this netbook and removing any vestiges of Windows XP from my house.

Update: I think I’ll make the Acer Aspire One into a hackintosh.

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