I reinstalled OS X on the Acer Aspire One D150 and had it running 10.6.3. I left it running (plugged in) while I had dinner. I came back to check on it an hour or so later and it was stuck in a reboot loop. It looked like it had tried to hibernate and then rebooted, tried to restore the hibernated session, and then rebooted. Rinse and repeat.

I tried a lot of things to break it out of the reboot cycle. Using bootloader commands didn’t do anything. I couldn’t get the Acer to boot into safe mode or verbose mode. It would just come up to the bootloader screen, ignore the commands entered, and then try to restore the hibernated session. And then reboot again.

The only option seemed to be reinstalledin OS X for a third time. I had already invested 15 hours into getting this syten to work and decided I was going to do something else.

Plan B involved a bootable 16 GB USB stick that had Mint Linux 15 (MATE), Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 13, and Fedora on it. (USB stick was configured using YUMI.) Mint loaded and installed with no problems. In all of 15 minutes, my little netbook had new life. Mint boots in seconds. It’s responsive and snappy and makes this little netbook seem like a new system.

I’m really liking Mint so far.

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