August 12, 2016

Resources for Occultist Pathfinder class

I’ve been playing some Pathfinder Society games at the local gaming store. Two of the gaming groups I’m in used to play Pathfinder but switched to D&D 5th edition. Reverting to Pathfinder feels very strange. It’s not as annoying as D&D 3.5, but it’s close. So. Many. Rules.

I normally play a Ranger or Bard, or some variation on striker with some healing capabilities. I liked the idea of the Occultist class: great flexibility, lots of options to be melee, ranged, or spell-focused. With all of those options, comes complexity. Here are the resources I found for playing this class. The Occultist guide was by far the most helpful, both in creating and playing an Occultist character.

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