Gizmodo has an article on how Wizards of the Coast is working with a company called AltspaceVR to create an official virtual environment for playing D&D. The setup will use Oculus VR hardware for playing. It looks interesting, although would require a good hardware investment for anyoen wanting to use the system. (Personally, I prefer pen and paper — much cheaper.)

One of the comments noted that last Christmas, Wizards laid off a large portion of the D&D team, including the editor of the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. My snarky side thought, well that explains why we haven’t seen a lot of new content for D&D 5e. No one left to coordinate it if the editor is gone.

I still prefer Warhammer. It’s grittier and feels more balanced. Everyday people doing heroic deeds not because they have super skills but because they are motivated to help (or hinder). The players seem more engaged instead of just going along for the ride.

I hate that Warhammer was discontinued but at least the core rule set is being reprinted. The community of players for WFRP 3e is still putting out some amazing stuff, like the randomized adventure generator, created by Emirikol.

It’s good to see that players are pulling together and creating content to share. That’s the sign of an active, healthy player community. Whether or not there is ever another edition of Warhammer, I’ll play the heck out of third edition.

And eventually add Iron Kingdoms RPG to my set of known systems. I just have to find people to play with who want to try it.

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