In 10 minutes, I’m leaving work for a trip that I have been anticipating for months: I’m going to France on a research trip with my coauthor. We’re meeting in Paris and then will be staying at a house owned by an archaeology professor I know (awesome lady). This house is on an Epona find spot.

So many things have come together for this trip. I’m so excited. My friends probably want to smack me because I’ve been writing things like “bouncy bouncy bouncy” all day. It’s like a dream come true having a second opportunity to visit France. The first time was also a research trip — six years ago.

I’m going to try and blog the experience while I’m there and upload pictures. It’s not the prettiest time of year to travel, but it will be like coming home to Aedui territory.

Bouncy bouncy off to the airport!


Kim (Ceffyl)

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