There are days like Sunday where so much happens it makes your head spin.

I met two friends at Barnes and Noble in the evening. We sat in the book store for three hours taking about Roman archaeology, giggling over the “research” (or severe lack thereof) in several books, griping about lack of citations, and admiring sketches and artwork.

One of my friends is working on a romance novel that has steamy sex scenes. She had out copies of the Kama Sutra, Taoist books on sex, and others along similar lines. And interesting discussions ensued — not well suited for posting on a blog.

We went to dinner at a really good Chinese restaurant called Red Lotus. It was excellent — and very reasonable. They have the best calimaria I’ve tasted. I don’t remember what I had (beef with wide noodles and sauce with some veggies). One of my friends recommended the dish. Wow. Good stuff.

Fabulous evening with good friends. I really had fun.

Aside: I picked up a book called Celtic Animal Symbols because it has a section on horses that mentions Epona. It might be useful to review books that have articles on Epona in them: pointing out what is wrong, what is unsupported, and what is borrowed from another mythology. The reviews would not be of the entire book; rather it would focus on information related to Epona.

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