Interesting that so many of the chariot burials found in the UK have been in Yorkshire (19 total, all of them, except for one found near Edinburgh , according to this article). No pictures in the article, unfortunately. 2400 year old grave.

Chariot find is a victory for Scots
by Martin Wainwright, Thursday March 10, 2005
The Guardian

The centuries-long tussle for prestige between England and Scotland may be about to end in victory for the clans, with new archaeological evidence suggesting that the first national leader of the British Isles was a Scot.

The remains of a mysterious figure found in an Iron Age chariot burial under the A1M motorway was of “exceptional significance” according to academics, who have also unearthed the leftovers of one of Britain’s biggest feasts at his funeral site in Yorkshire.

Remainder of article: Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Chariot find is a victory for Scots


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