Blogging in France did not go as expected. I didn’t have consistent internet access, unfortunately. At the cottage we had an internet connection that was set up using an extended wifi antenna. The router was connected to the antenna with a wire through the living room window. For the first few days at the cottage, there was a windstorm. When we tried to connect the wifi network, the window kept blowing open. It was propped closed with a stack of heavy books. The wind still blew it open several times.

Did I mention that it was friggin’ cold outside with the wind? I was sleeping in the living room, and the thought of the window blowing open was um… not delightful. The sofa bed where I slept was directly across from the window. Burr.

The house itself was lovely. We were lucky to have such a place to stay. It is centrally located in the middle of the first Epona cluster (Aedui/Sequani territory primarily) in Bourgogne.

I’ll post things here and catch up as I recover from jet lag and delayed posts…


Kim (Ceffyl)

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