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Playlist for writing

I have a playlist that I use when I’m writing horse-related stories. There are two I’m working on currently, one short story and a novel-length, tentatively entitled The Lady in the Tree. The playlist corresponds approximately to events and characters in the novel and shows their progression through the story.

Playlist for stories

I tend to create playlists for stories I’m working on. I have a playlist on Rdio that I created for Lady in the Tree (novel) and also use for Ride Softly (short story). I was helping a friend with her writing project yesterday and we started discussing play lists we make for our characters. Here is my play list for what I’m currently working on.

Less writing underway

I kept up with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Winter Writing Festival for about three weeks. I was on target and felt great about being productive (without writing in tech writer voice for fiction). Unfortunately, Stress hit from various things. And writing screeched to a halt because all I wanted to do after work was either ride, play games, or vegetate.

So. I made good progress on the short story about Isis but haven’t finished it. I’m close, I just need to do it.

Progress on Winter Writing Festival!

Score! I’ve been working on gaming material in addition to the short story, Ride Softly. Play-through of newly written material is worth five points. Monday we had a gaming session and a play through. Definitely a work in progress because we were carefully revising material as we went. However, it was FUN and amazing! The main idea for the boat challenge was my co-GM’s (who is friggin’ brilliant and a great mentor).

Gamers on on the edge of their seats for two hours. Happy dance!

Five points towards my point count — yay! Five points is a big landmark.

In addition to the role play files (which I’ve been updating with our play summary) I’m also back to writing Ride Softly, except this time I’m making a lot of progress. Getting the characters in there, the voice, the mood (very important), and how places smell (or taste). The good stuff that provides intuitive foreshadowing.

So, one more point for Tuesday and Thursday each, and I’m up to 17 points. Score!

First day’s goals met

Some how 500 words or so seems like such an easy goal. And I did it. I wrote 620 words tonight on Ride Softly. I could go more, but I find myself shifting out of the lyrical writing style and more into a technical writer voice. I’m stopping for the night.

Yay! I did it! One night down, 49 more to go.

I think I can do this.

Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival

One of the ladies in my writers’ group at work belongs to the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. She let us know about their Winter Writing Festival, and it sounded like a perfect opportunity. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing more fiction. I miss it. I’ve felt blocked but by stress and too many other things going on. The truth is, I don’t need to go home and watch TV. I should go home, eat dinner (in a less frantic manner), meditate, and then write. Sounds like a much more enjoyable evening, overall.

I just signed up for the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Winter Writing Festival. Basically, for 50 days you have to write enough to earn 50 points. Each person sets their goals for how they will earn points.

I have these current projects: Lady in the Tree (novel), Shadow Wolf Company (novel), Ride Softy (short story), Perseus and the Pegasi (short story), and Warhammer Fantasy role playing gaming module scenarios. My goal is to get into the habit of daily fiction writing, so I will earn points by:

  • Writing 500 words per day (with Saturdays off) for fiction or RPG content: 1 point
  • Sprints: 1 point
  • Deep edit of 5-10 pages: 1 point

Big rewards:

  • Finishing Ride Softly (short story): 5 points
  • Finishing outline for Lady in the Tree: 5 points
  • Revising outline for Shadow Wolf Company: 5 points
  • Finishing a play-through of new RPG content: 5 points

At the end of the time, I would like to have two stort stories to send off or several chapters.

Deep Purple, public domain, and copyright

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Golan vs. Holder, according to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education: A Professor’s Fight Over Shostakovich Heads to the Supreme Court.

When Congress changed the law on when a work enters the public domain in 1994, a lot of works that had been in the public domain suddenly were removed. Congress determined that an item entered the public domain 70 years after the author’s death. (I think before it was 70 years after publication.) Orchestras (like Professor Lawrence Golan’s at the University of Denver) that had been playing pieces in the public domain (like Stravinsky) no longer had access to the music because it was removed from public domain. The main question brought up in this law suit is whether or not Congress has the right to remove works that had already been in the public domain.

One of my short stories, “What’s Past,” quotes three lines from the song Deep Purple, which originally was published as piano music in 1933. The lyrics, written by Mitchell Parish, were published in 1938. If public domain was defined by 70 years after publication, then Deep Purple would be in the public domain and no problem with using the lyrics. However, since Parish died in 1993, the work would enter the public domain in 2063.

Writing mentoring sale from Judith Tarr

I regularly read Judith Tarr’s Livejournal blog. This week she announced her annual sale on writing mentoring. Judith Tarr is a fantastic fantasy / historical fiction author who has authored dozens of books. (Take a look at what she has published over on Amazon and at Book View Cafe.) She is one of those authors who groks horses and gets the details right.

Do you have a writing project that you could use some help with? Want some mentoring from a great writer? Here is your chance — and she’s having a sale!

I took a brief course with her on plotting in fiction. I can’t say enough good things about the insights she provided into my story or about the sheer wealth of information she has. The lady knows her stuff and she knows how to clearly communicate it.

From Ms Tarr’s blog:

And now, the thing I wanted to be sure to put up today. Every year at this time I offer a Mentoring Sale. Old and current as well as new mentees can play. Packages can be given as gifts. If you’re not quite ready now but will be in a couple of months, that’s OK. I’ll bank the hours for you.

Over here is a general explanation of what I do. The rate has gone up to $40 an hour but I’m holding it steady for now. What it adds up to is a one-on-one, you decide what you need, I work with you to get it, ongoing for as long as you want or need, online class in writing and developing fiction. You can start at any point, from first idea to finished ms. needing revision (hello, NaNo participants!). I have done poetry, and can talk to you about nonfiction, memoir, etc.

Here’s the deal: Between now and December 7th, I’m offering 5 hours for $180. That’s $20 off the regular rate. This is time enough for a query/synopsis/sample review and some revisions, a good start on an ongoing novel development or revision, or a fairly in-depth review of a fistful of short pieces.

Another thing I do that may be of use or interest is a sideline that kind of made itself: I’ll look at just the parts of your story that have horses in them, review them, answer questions about them, help with development as needed. Base rate of $75 gets you up to two hours of review and answers; further hours at the regular rate.

Interested? Questions? Email me at capriole at that gmail thing. And do please boost the signal. We like to spread the wealth with this one. 🙂