I love the Internet. When I am clueless, someone has posted a page that has instructions. Here are the ones I used tonight:

Sewing darts

General tips and trick for sewing belly dance patterns

Reference site that has just about anything and everything

What is really stumping me is that the shoulder seams are “eased in”. I’ve read a few pages on easing in seams. What I was told was to basically pin the two seams to match the ends and the notches as close as possible. Sew them evening across so the one side is effectively evenly gathered. Man, I don’t want to start something like this when my brain isn’t functioning.

And the best reference of all? My Mom. I called her about all kinds of things this week. She has been great — and patient about helping me with sewing.

I’m going to bed. Things are not finished, but it’s about as much as I can do. I’m too tired to continue. Good progress tonight, though– finished the shirt, have the darts sewn for the vest (liner and outside pieces). The vest pieces are pinned together. Hopefully someone at dance class can help me with what needs to be finished. Or maybe I’ll be lucky and someone will be willing to just finish the vest. Maybe.

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