For the past week or more I’ve been faced with a sewing project. Sewing really isn’t my cup of tea. I’m more apt to do cross stitch or sculpture than I am sewing. With a pattern, I am reasonable. Nothing fancy, no-frills, and I definitely loose patience if the project takes more than a few hours.

The skirt I ordered for the upcoming recital finally arrived. Instead of being a reasonable length, it is approximately 8 inches too long. You can’t even see my feet when I hold it up to the correct length. I could almost wear the skirt at my shoulders… I wasn’t too worried about hemming the skirt until a friend commented that a regular hem would weigh down the skirt while dancing. I met up with another friend of mine who is a seamstress. Yay seamstress. She has agreed to hem the skirt on her serger. She is coming over tomorrow night to fit the skirt.

The other small sewing project involves trying to tack a formless, shapeless velvet coin-fringed top to a regular bra. Tacking the velvet top to the bra provides shape, support, and makes sure everything stays in place when I dance. It looked like an easy enough task. I spent most of tonight trying to pin things in flattering places. Hah. Maybe my seamstress friend can help me with this one too…

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