So the recital was last night! The good news is that the top held together and fit. Last thing you want to do is have your top fall apart when you are belly dancing! I spent most of the day getting ready for the trip to Chattanooga. I left the house at 3:00 to arrive in Kingston at 4:00. All of us caravaned down to Chattanooga for the reciatal (which began at 7:00).

I was so careful packing. I had my sewing kit, seam ripper (just in case), spare shoes, spare skirt… everything except the hip scarf which is a major part of the costume. DOH! Luckily one of the ladies had an extra gold coin belt I could use.

The show lasted for about 2.5 hours with maybe 3-5 groups performing. Another group also came down from Knoxville. I was only in one choreography, but that was enough to remind me how much I enjoy performing. I flubbed a few things, but had a blast.

So now I need to practise more and learn more dances. It was a blast!

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