I keep learning more about belly dance and realizing just how much I don’t know. I have over 10 years of dance in ballet and jazz. Yeah, it’s been a while, but still the concepts and movements should still be (somewhat) in muscle memory, right?

Nope, not as much as I would have hoped. I remember how to count phrasing and memorize choreographies. I remember about audience interaction and nuances in phrasing. I remember being flexible. I remember being able to do things that I can’t do now.

One of the ladies in my dance class has been spotting me for posture. It’s been a great help. Not only does the instructor help, but having someone who is standing next to you remind you periodically to hold your shoulders back and up, raise your elbows, and chin up. Nope, it’s not annoying. It’s a great help! It makes it (painfully) obvious that this person needs a lot more training.

I’ve started correcting my posture when I’m standing, sitting, or walking. Whenever I’m watching a DVD or looking at photos of other dancers, I study their posture, where their hands are, how they move and what the audience’s reaction is. Hopefully being aware of their moves will make my own better.

You know I haven’t used the term dancer to describe myself since I was in middle school and high school. I have always loved dance. I wouldn’t say I’m a dancer yet, but I would definitely say that I love dancing.

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